The Heart of Worship!

Justin Carpenter

Listen in as Josh opens up the original meaning of “worship” from the ancient Hebrew. So much more than a word-study, it is an insight into the heart of God as a Lover.

Note from Josh:

Some folks have requested my notes and the option to download the audio directly, so I’ve added these below. The notes are basically a transcript. If you’d like to explore the ancient Hebrew language and context for yourself, I’d recommend reading or listening to works by Chaim Bentorah and/or Michael Heiser. Chaim’s works are focused heavily on the original languages and interpretations. Michael Heiser’s works are focused heavily an original languages and ancient cultures and contexts. Both are incredible teachers with wonderful insights.

Extravagant Faith – Prepared for Good Works

Justin Carpenter

Listen in as Josh discusses the way God goes before us, preparing good works in advance for us, and comes behind us to clean up our mistakes and messes in His Kindness.

You can download a PDF of the prophetic word Josh gave at the beginning of the message below.

The Warring Bride

Josh Motlong

Listen in as Josh takes a dive into the state of the Kingdom and how we must respond as the Church—as a Warring Bride.